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Richard Yu

Richard has been a pastor at CCGC since 1998, first serving as the lead English pastor, and now mainly serving the Chinese Ministry.  Due to his unique background and abilities, God has used him mightily in both language ministries.  He grew up in Taiwan and came to this country after his college studies.  After working for many years in the finance industry, he sensed God leading him towards pastoral ministry, at which time he began his seminary studies at Western Seminary while serving at CCGC.

Richard is married to Jocelyn and together they have three children and three grandchildren

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Edward Cheng

Eddie came to CCGC in 2002 to serve as the Minister to Students.  After growing up in Los Angeles, he came to the Bay area in 1994 for college, intent on becoming a doctor.  However, God placed on his heart a burden to serve His people during his last year of college.  Shortly after college Eddie enrolled at Western Seminary, where he met for the first time Pastor Richard, and the two became fast friends.  He came to CCGC toward the end of his seminary studies.  

Eddie is married to Cindy and together they have two sons.


David Li

David came to CCGC in 2014 as a pastor in the Chinese Ministry.  Prior to coming to CCGC, Pastor David served for several years in a few Chinese bilingual churches in the South Bay Area.  His educational background includes a Masters in Philosophy as well as an M.Div.  He is a former member of the Chinese Writers Association (CWA), was once the Senior Editor of Cultural Journal, and has published different books in Chinese literature and a commentary on the Book of Revelation.

David is married to Meili and together they have two sons.

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Hsiu-Lan Tsui

Hsiu-Lan Tsui was born in South Korea. In 1967 she  was baptized in the Seoul Overseas Chinese Christian Church. She received basic education in the local Chinese schools. Later in the spring of 1976 she obtained a B.S. degree from Ewha Womans University in Seoul.  After her whole family immigrated to America in 1983, she became involved in various ministries at CCGC. In the beginning of 2001, she enrolled at Christian Witness Theological Seminary and  completed a Masters of Ministry Degree. She officially began serving as a minister in the Chinese congregation of CCGC in October 2004. 


Stephanie Chang

Stephanie has been attending CCGC ever since she was in the 4th grade (1997).  She was baptized while she was in high school at CCGC and then went to college in Southern California. After college, God led her through a series of events that sparked her interest in pursuing full-time ministry. She enrolled in Western Seminary where she finished her theological training while also interning at CCGC. God has given her a heart for children and building foundations of faith for His kingdom.  After completing her M.A. in Ministry and Leadership, she joined the pastoral staff of CCGC as the Children’s Minister in 2015. 

She is married to Johnston and together they have two daughters.


Jing Zhang

Jing was born in Qian jiang City, Hubei Province of China.  A sister loved by God.  Jing loves singing, laughing, and enjoys God’s people and God’s creation.  Once in a retreat, God called Jing, then a kindergarten teacher, with a hymn and placed in her heart a strong burden for music worship.  Jing received her theological training from Christian Witness Theological Seminary.  After graduating from seminary, Jing has served in various ministry fields at churches in Shanghai and the Bay Area.  Starting April 2024, Jing serves as a minister in the Chinese language ministry of CCGC. 

Blank Notebook

Opening for pastor of students' ministries

Our church is looking for a new pastor of students' ministries. If you would like to apply, please see our job posting here.

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