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In 1975, a Chinese couple in Walnut Creek felt the need to start a Bible study in Mandarin.  A local American church generously allowed the Bible study the use of their church facilities.  Not having any biblical training, they invited from a nearby city two pastors that were professors in a seminary to teach.  The Bible study continued to grow until it became a church service.  As the church service grew even more, the facilities did not meet the needs of the new congregation.  In 1981, the congregation rented space from the Jewish Community Center and became Contra Costa Gospel Church. The name was chosen for two reasons. The church was to be a God-centered, Bible teaching body of believers that wanted everyone to feel welcome regardless of ethnicity.

In 1988, Contra Costa Gospel Church purchased and moved to its current location on Buena Vista Avenue.  The service was mainly in Mandarin, but would sometimes be translated into English because there were many children who spoke English as their first language.  In 1990, the Mandarin congregation started an English worship service for the younger generation.  An English-speaking minister was asked to lead and shepherd the new service.  In 1998, the English service changed its emphasis from just focusing on young people to ministering to a broader audience consisting of both youth and adults, married and single.  

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